Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are Academic or Scholarly journals?
A: These are highly specialised journals containing only articles that have been written by academics. Go to "Finding academic journals" for more information.

Q: May Alumni use the library?
A: Alumni wishing to borrow library resources should take up the Alumni Services package. A wide range of services including library membership is available on a membership basis for our alumni through the Alumni Services Card, which is available to all alumni including new graduates.

Library Membership – provides access to specific UOWD databases, providing access to over electronic journals; borrowing rights from the main and reference collections; borrowing of DVDs and CDs (see the Alumni Library Services section for detailed information)

Q: Can I borrow books CDs and DVDs?
A: Yes, students may borrow books CDs and DVDs. Headsets and DVD players are also available for loan to users who borrow multimedia resources.

Q: What is the Library Code of Conduct?
A: The library Code of Conduct is the list of rules governing the behaviour expected of library users. This is on display in the library and in the brochure entitled Code of Conduct for Library Users, available in the library. Users who breach the code may face disciplinary action.

Q: Can I do Colour printing?
A: Colour printing facilities are available at a cost of 2 dirhams per page

Q: What do I do if I change my Contact details?
A: Please inform the library of any change in your contact details. We need up-to-date details to contact you to minimise overdue fines or inform of reserved books etc.

Q: What do I do if I have damaged books or other materials?
A: Please do not attempt repairs. Inform the library as soon as possible. You may have to pay a replacement charge but we show greater sympathy for honesty!

Q: Where do I find database passwords?
A: Most databases require your SOLS email username and password. If a database requires a special password you can use your password to access this list at Database passwords on the UOW (Australia) library website.

Q: Can I access e-resources at home?
A: Currently enrolled students with a SOLS email username and password have access to electronic resources from any computer with Internet access.

Q: Where can I get help?
Library staff is always willing to help with any queries you may have. You can phone the library staff on 04 2781766 or send an email to [email protected]

Q: What is a SOLS (email) password?
A: Every currently enrolled UOWD student is given a password which the student must activate through SOLS. Your username will consist of your initials and a number. The password is a mix of upper and lower case letters and symbols. This password is the only way to gain access to electronic resources through the library website.

Q: Why won't my SOLS (email) password work?
The most common reasons for the failure of the password is expiry. The password expires every 150 days and reminders are sent to each user's student email address @uow.edu.au. If your password has expired contact the Registrar's office. To prevent it from happening again either regularly check your student mail, or arrange to forward to another email address. Instructions for forwarding your email account are on the "Managing your password" helpsheet.

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