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E-Readings By Subject Code - Winter 2022

Subject Code Subject Name
ACCY201 Financial Accounting 2B
ACCY111 Accounting Fundamentals in Society
ACCY305 Financial Accounting 3
COMM101 Principles of Responsible Commerce
COMM110 Introduction to Business Information Systems
COMM334 Intercultural Applications of Socially Innovative Commerce
COMM351 Business Ethics and Governance
ECON939 Quantitative Economic Analysis
ECON947 Business Analytics
EDGL909 Leadership of Effective Change
EDGL923 Personal and Non-academic Educational Leadership Attributes
ENGG100 Engineering Computing and Analysis
ENGG954 Strategic Management for Engineers and Technologists
ENGG958 Cycle and Risk Management
ENGG960 Maintenance Requirement Analysis
FIN922/FIN923 Investment Management
FIN930 Islamic Banking and Finance
FIN955 International Banking
FIN956 Credit Analysis and Lending Management
FIN957 Portfolio Simulation
FIN958 Financial Institutions
FIN959 Enterprise Risk Management
HDR900 Research Methodology
HDR902 Qualitative Research Methods
HDR903 Literature Review
HDR905 Advanced Research Methods
HDR973 Business Development
ISIT901 Information Systems and Strategy
ISIT940 IT Research Methods
MARK101 Marketing Principles
MARK201 Organisational Behaviour
MARK202 Applied Marketing Research B
MARK217 Consumer Behaviour
MARK301 Internet Application for Marketing
MARK333 Marketing Communications
MARK343 International Marketing
MARK344 Marketing Strategy
MARK395 Tourism Marketing
MARK804 Principles of Marketing Management
MARK901 Digital Marketing
MARK917 Business to Business Marketing
MARK920 Social Marketing
MARK922 Marketing Management
MARK935 Marketing Strategy
MARK936 Consumer Behaviour
MARK938 Managing Service and Relationship Marketing
MARK940 Marketing Communications
MARK957 International Marketing Strategy
MARK977 Research for Marketing Decisions
MARK980 Strategic Brand Management
MARK997 Retail Marketing Management
MBA903 Responsible Talent Management Strategies
MGNT110 Introduction to Management
MGNT205 Recruitment and Selection
MGNT206 Managing Human Resources
MGNT215 Small Business Management
MGNT220 Organisational Analysis
MGNT309 Supply Chain Strategies
MGNT311 Management of Change
MGNT314 Strategic Management
MGNT322 Traning and Development
MGNT341 International and Comparative Human Resource Management
MGNT350 Continuous Quality Improvement
MGNT351 Responsible Leadership
MGNT803 Organizational Behavior and Management
MGNT900/TBS900 Managerial Skills and Concepts
MGNT903/TBS903 Leading in Contemporary Organizations
MGNT908 Human Resource Development
MGNT910 Strategic Management
MGMT915 Change Management
MGMT920 Organisational Analysis
MGMT925 Business Research Project
MGNT930 Strategic Human Resource Management
MGMT949 Performance Management
MGNT963 Management of Workplace Health and Safety
MGMT969 Job Analysis, Recruitment and Selection
MGMT983 Leading Organisations: Politics, Power and Change Agency
MIST900 International law and Diplomacy
MIST902 Politics of International Relations in the Middle East
MIST906 Transforming MENA: trends, issues and problems
MIST908 Globalisation and Citizenship
MIST920 Social Change and Development
MIST926 Research Methods and Design
MIST998 Advance Topics in International Studies: Terrorism & Counterterrorism
MMC910 Journalism and Society
OPS113 Business Oriented Information Systems
TBS803 Organisational Behaviour and Management
TBS808 Operations and Supply Chain Management
TBS900/MGNT900 Managing for Success
TBS903 Managing People in Organisations
TBS904 Marketing Management
TBS905 Economic Analysis of Business
TBS907 Financial Strategy
TBS908 Supply Chain Management
TBS909 Corporate Governance
TBS910 Business Analytics
TBS918 Strategic Supply Chain Management
TBS920 International Business Strategy
TBS921 &MGMT910 Strategic Decision Making
TBS923 Current issues in International Business
TBS927 Process and Change Management
TBS928 Logistics Systems
TBS934 Logistics Information Systems
TBS950 Quality Management
TBS951 Statistics for Quality Management
TBS952 Implementing Quality Systems
TBS953 Management of Service Quality
TBS981 Managing in Multi-National Companies
TBS983 International Business
TBS984 International Business
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