Subject Code Title Author ISBN Edition Ebook
ACCY801 Foundations of financial management Block, Stanley B 9781259253300 16th ed. Ebook Link
ACCY801 Corporate finance Parrino, Robert 9781118961292 3rd ed, Ebook Link
ACCY801 Fundamentals of corporate finance Parrino, Robert 9780470876442 2nd ed Ebook Link
ACCY801 Managerial accounting for managers Noreen, Eric W. 9781259578540 4th ed. Ebook Link
ACCY919 Managerial accounting : tools for business decision making Weygandt, Jerry J 9781118957738 7th ed. Ebook Link
CSIT998 Management of information security Whitman, Michael E 9781337405713 6th ed Ebook Link
ECON802 Principles of economics Stiglitz, Joseph E 9780730319856 2nd ed. Ebook Link
ECON802 Economics for Business and Management Griffiths, Alan 9780273735243 3rd Ed. Ebook Link
ECON928 Economics for Managers: International Edition Paul G. Farnham 9781292060095 3rd Ed. Ebook Link
ECON939 Introductory econometrics for finance Brooks, Chris 9781107661455 3rd ed. Ebook Link
ECON947 Business Analytics James R. Evans 9781292095448 Ebook Link
EDGZ921 Research for educators Kervin, Lisa 9780170352826 2nd ed. Ebook Link
ENGG939 Operations management: sustainability and supply chain management Heizer, Jay 9781292148632 12th ed. Ebook Link
ENGG950 The Innovator's Toolkit: 50+ Techniques for Predictable and Sustainable Organic Growth BusinessPro collection David Silverstein 9781118298107 Ebook Link
ENGG951 The digital project management evolution: essential case studies from organizations in the Middle East Yusof, Shafiz Affendi Mohd 9780367218492 Ebook Link
ENGG953 Managerial Statistics Gerald Keller 9781111534639 9th ed. Ebook Link
ENGG953 Introduction to Management Science Bernard W Taylor III 9781292092911 12 Ebook Link
ENGG954 Exploring strategy : text and cases Gerry Johnson 9781292145129 11 Ebook Link
ENGG954 Exploring strategy : text and cases Gerry Johnson 9781292282459 12 Ebook Link
ENGG956 Managerial accounting : tools for business decision making Weygandt, Jerry J 9781118957738 7th Ebook Link
ENGG958 Systems engineering and analysis Blanchard, Benjamin S. 9781292025971 5th ed. Ebook Link
ENGG961 An introduction to reliability and maintainability engineering Ebeling, Charles E 9781577666257 3rd ed. Ebook Link
ENTR901 Entrepreneurial finance Chris Leach, J. 9781305968356 6th ed. Ebook Link
ENTR902/MGNT942 Managing innovation and entrepreneurship Hisrich, Robert D 9781452241357 Ebook Link
ENTR903 Business Planning For Managers And Entrepreneurs Lurin, P.A. 9783981373424 Ebook Link
ENTR904/MGNT944 Teaming: how organizations learn, innovate, and compete in the knowledge economy Edmondson, Amy C. 9780787970932 Ebook Link
FIN907 Corporate finance Ross, Stephen A 9780077151713 6th ed. Ebook Link
FIN923 Investments Bodie, Zvi 9781259277177 11th ed. Ebook Link
FIN924 Financial statement analysis and security valuation Penman, Stephen H 9780071326407 5th ed. Ebook Link

Business analysis & valuation : using financial statements

Palepu, Krishna G


5th ed. Ebook Link
FIN926 Principles of Corporate Finance Richard A Brealey 9780077189990 12th Ebook Link
FIN928 International financial management Cheol S. Eun 9781259717789 8th ed. Ebook Link
FIN928 Multinational business finance Eiteman, David K 9781292097879 14th Ebook Link
FIN930 Understanding Islamic Finance Muhmmad Ayub 9780470030691 Ebook Link
FIN931 Islamic banking : how to manage risk and improve profitability El Tiby,Amr Mohamed 9780470880234 Ebook Link
FIN955 International Banking Dr. Lamia 9781307338102 Ebook Link
FIN956 Credit Analysis & Lending Management Milind Sathye, James Bartle, Raymond Bofey 9780734611642 4th Ebook Link
FIN957 Trade execution, arbitrage, and dealing in Australia Frino, Alex 9781442505391 Ebook Link
FIN959 Fundamentals Of Enterprise Risk Management: How Top Companies Assess Risk, Manage Exposure and Seize opportunity John J Hampton 9780814449035 2nd Ebook Link
FIN960 Research methods for postgraduates Greenfield, Tony 9781118341469 3rd Ebook Link
GLUX900 The luxury strategy: break the rules of marketing to build luxury brands Kapferer, Jean Noel 9780749464912 2nd ed. Ebook Link
GLUX904 Managing innovation: integrating technological, market and organizational change Tidd, Joe 9781119713302 7th ed, Ebook Link
INFO911 Data mining: the textbook Aggarwal, Charu C 9783319381169 Ebook LInk
INFO911 Introduction to data mining Tan, Pang-Nin 9781292026152 Ebook Link
ISIT901 The Strategic Management of Information Systems Joe Peppard , John Ward 9780470034675 4th Ebook Link
ISIT908 Enterprise governance of information technology : achieving alignment and value in digital organizations Haes, Steven de 9783030259174 3rd ed. Ebook Link
ISIT908 Enterprise Governance of Information Technology:Achieving Alignment and Value, Featuring COBIT 5 Wim Van Grembergen Steven De Haes 9783319374475 2nd Ebook Link
ISIT917 Business Intelligence Guidebook: From Data Integration to Analytics Sherman, Rick 9780124114616 Ebook Link
ISIT937 Management of Information Security Larson. Erik W 9781337405713 Ebook Link
ISIT946 Information Technology Project Management Providing Measureable Organizational Value Marchewka, J.T. 9781118911013 Ebook Link
MBA901 Atrill's Accounting for Non-specialists Atrill, P. McLaney 9781488612589 7th ed. Ebook Link
MARK804 Marketing management Kotler, Philip 9781292092621 15th Ebook Link
MARK901 Digital marketing strategy : an integrated approach to online marketing

Kingsnorth, Simon

9780749484224 2nd ed. Ebook Link
MARK920 Social Marketing: Influencing Behaviours For Good Kotler, P 9781452292144 5th ed. Ebook Link

Strategic marketing

Cravens, David W


10th ed. Ebook Link
MARK936 Consumer Behavior Solomon, Michael R 9781292318103 13th Ebook Link
MARK938 Services Marketing Valarie A. Zeithaml 9781260083521 7th Ebook Link

Strategic advertising management

Percy, Larry


5th ed. Ebook Link
MARK956 New products management Crawford, Merle 9781259254345 11th ed. Ebook Link
MARK957 Global marketing Green, Mark C. 9781292304021 10th ed. Ebook Link
MARK977 Essentials of Marketing Research: A Hands-On Orientation Naresh K. Malhotra 9781292060163 Ebook Link
MARK980 Strategic brand management : building, measuring and managing brand equity Keller, Kevin 9780273779414 5th Ebook Link
MBA902 Marketing management Philip Kotler 9781292092621 15th ed. Ebook Link
MBA903 Responsible Talent Management Strategies Kraiger Ebook Link
MBA906 Lectures on corporate finance Peter L Bossaerts 9789812568991 2nd ed. Ebook Link
MBAS902 Data mining for business analytics: concepts, techniques, and applications in JMP Pro Shmueli, Galit 9781118877432 Ebook LInk
MGNT908 Human Resource Development Mcguire, D., (2014), 9781446256626 2nd Ebook Link
MGNT915 The Theory and Practice of Change Management John Hayes 9781352012538 6th ed. Ebook Link
MGNT920 Organizational Theory,Design And Change Gareth R. Jones 9780273765608 7th ed. Ebook Link
MGNT921 Exploring Strategy,Text and Cases Gerry Johnson 9781292145129 Ebook Link
Business Research Methods Quinlan, C 9781473704855 Ebook Link
MGNT908 Human resource development David McGuire 9781446256619 2nd ed. Ebook Link
MGNT910 Exploring strategy : text and cases Gerry Johnson 9781292145129 11th ed. Ebook Link
MGNT922 Business research methods Quinlan, C 9781473704855 Ebook Link
MGNT925 Business Research Methods Quinlan, C 9781473704855 Ebook Link
MGNT930 Strategy and Human Resource Management Peter Boxall 9781137407634 4th ed Ebook Link
MGNT944 Teaming: How Organizations Learn, Innovate, and Compete Edmondson, A.C. (2012) 9780787970932 Ebook Link

Planning work, health & safety : an introduction to best practice

Dunn, Cormack E


Ebook Link
MGNT969 The Wiley Blackwell handbook of the psychology of recruitment, selection and employee retention Goldstein, Harold W 9781118972694 Ebook Link
MGNT969 Strategic staffing Phillips, Jean M 9781292073491 3rd ed. Ebook Link
MGNT981 International Management Managing Across Borders Helen Deresky 9781292153537 Ebook Link
MGNT984 Global Strategic Management Mike Peng 9781337296526 4th ed. Ebook Link
MGNT984 Global strategic management Peng, Mike W, 9780357512364 5th ed, Ebook Link
MIR904 International law in world politics : an introduction Scott, Shirley V 9781626376045 3rd ed. Ebook Link
MIR906 Introduction to international development : approaches, actors, and issues Haslam, Paul 9780199018901 3rd ed. Ebook Link
MIR906 The Age of Sustainable Development Jeffrey Sachs 9780231539005 Ebook Link
MIR 913 Contemporary conflict resolution : the prevention, management and transformation of deadly conflicts Ramsbotham, Oliver 9780745687223 4th ed. Ebook Link
MIR914 An introduction to Middle East politics Benjamin MacQueen 9781412962155 2nd Ebook Link
MIR963 Contemporary debates on terrorism Jackson, Richard 9781138931367 2nd ed. Ebook Link
MIR964 Global gender issues in the new millennium Runyan, Anne Sisson 9780813349176 4th ed. Ebook Link
MIR964 Bananas, beaches and bases : making feminist sense of international politics Cynthia H., Enloe 9780520279995 2nd ed. Ebook Link
MIST943 Citizenship and identity Isin, Engin F 9780761958291 Ebook Link
MMC940 The routledge companion to transmedia studies Freeman, Matthew 9781351054904 Ebook Link
OPS802 OM6 David Alan Collier; James R. Evans 9781305664791 6th Ebook Link
OPS908 Supply chain management : strategy, planning, and operation Chopra, Sunil 9781292093567 6th Ebook Link
OPS909 Total quality management and operational excellence : text with cases Oakland, John S 9780415635509 Ebook Link
OPS910 Quantitative analysis for management Render, Barry 9781292059327 12th ed. Ebook Link
OPS910 Quantitative analysis for management Render, Barry 9781292217659 13th ed. Ebook Link
OPS911 Purchasing and supply chain management Monczka, Robert M 9781285869681 6th ed. Ebook Link
OPS913 Strategic supply chain management : the five disciples for top performance Cohen, Shoshanah 9780071813082 2nd ed. Ebook Link
OPS922 Business research methods Quinlan, Christina 9781473704855 Ebook Link
OPS927 Business Process Change: A Guide for Business Managers and BPM and Six Sigma Professionals Paul Harmon 9780128003879 3rd Ebook Link
OPS935 Project Management: Achieving Competitive Advantage Jeffrey K Pinto 9781292094793 Ebook Link
OPS950 Total Quality Management and Operational Excellence: Text with Cases John Oakland 9780415635509 4th Ebook Link
OPS951 Quality Improvement Dale H. Besterfield 9781292022307 9th Ebook Link
OPS952 An introduction to Six Sigma and process improvement Evans, James R 9781133604587 2nd ed. Ebook Link
OPS954 Achieving organizational excellence: Quality Management Program for Culturally Diverse Organizations Lasrado 9783319700748 Ebook Link
OPS958 The Healthcare Quality Book: Vision, Strategy and Tools Maulik S. Joshi 9781567935905 3rd Ed. Ebook Link

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