Using the Dual DeliveryTeaching Equiment

Classroom Equipment for Dual Delivery Teaching

On-campus Dual Delivery teaching allows for a situation where students are present simultaneously face to face in the classroom as well as live over a Webex session. In this scenario, the following systems / equipment can be utilised:

In most cases, it is expected that the only equipment the lecturer would need apart from standard equipment is the Rode Microphone from the ITTS Office. As the microphone built-in to the laptop is not intended to be used in such an open enviroment where you are not going to be within a metre or so from the laptop, it is highly recommended that you use the portable wireless microphone borrowed from the ITTS Office to ensure the best quality audio. The Rode mirophones are professional quality equipment hat has been made available for this specific purpose.

Videos on how to use this equipment are provided here.

Borrowing Equipment from the ITTS Office

Due to limited numbers, academic staff must borrow and return on the same day Dual Delivery equipment (such as a microphone and/or web camera) to ensure it is available for other classes. Upon return, all equipment is sanitized using professional sanization equipment that guarantees 100% safety, before being available for further borrowing.

List of IT Equipment for loan from ITTS

The ITTS Office is located on Level 3 near the classrooms. Hours of borrowing are from 8am to 8pm. If the class finishes after 8pm you should return the borrowed equipment to Campus Security staff on the ground floor (ITTS will ensure returned equipment are checked back in the following morning).

It is highly recommended that if it is your first time to use the classroom with Dual Delivery equipment, to familiarise yourself well before your first class. ITTS support staff are also available to assist if necessary.

Note: You are responsible for this equipment whilst you have borrowed it. If the equipent is damaged, lost or not returned in a timely manner (same day), you will be charged for the replacement cost.

If you would prefer to purchase your own wireless Rode Microphone, please follow the link below to Amazon.AE to order. At the tme of publishng the cost was 676 Dhs.

Purchase the Rode Wireless Go Microphone

Setting Up the Rode Microphone

Instructions for setting up the microphone are included with the equipment from the Library (Quick Guide) with more detailed instructions available to download here.

Rode Wireless Go Microphone User Guide