Teaching Equipment

Using the Classroom Teaching Equipment

We have put together a number of video guides to help you with the following IT equipment in the classrooms:

  1. Crestron Touch panel placed on the lectern for Audio/Video control.
  2. Projector and a motorised Projector Screen.
  3. Lectern PC and Touch Pen to annotate the screen whiteboard.
  4. USB-C / HDMI cable to connect your UOWD laptop.
  5. Telephone to call ITTS or Facilities for any assistance.

Projector and Projector Screen.

Step 1: Switch on the Projector by tapping on the Touch panel placed on the lectern.

Step 2: Use the wall switch to bring down the Projector screen.

Note: Do not write on the Projector screen. A separate whiteboard space is provided in each classroom to write using the marker.

Watch: how to operate the projector and screen

Lectern PC

If you choose to use the Lectern PC rather than your laptop

Step 1: Ensure the PC is switched on and login in with your UOWD credentials.

Step 2: Press the PC option on the touch panel to display the PC screen on the projector.

Note: You can use the whiteboard app and the Touch Pen to annotate.

Watch: How to connect the PC

USB-C / HDMI cable to connect laptop

If you have a UOWD provided laptop and would like to connect this to the projector, use either the provided USB-C or the HDMI cable to plugin the laptop.

Depending which cable you are using to connect your laptop to the projector:

Watch: How to connect your laptop via the HDMI / USB-C Cable

Wireless Presentation

Alternatively, instead of the provided HDMI / USB-C cables, another way to present your laptop is to use the wireless option.

Watch: How to connect your device wirelessly to the Projection Screen