Loan IT Equipment

Loan IT Equipment

Equipment can be checked out form the ITTS Office for day use only and must be returned on the same day. As we have limited units of each equipment, this is to ensure fair access to equipment. Equipment cannot be pre-booked.

ITTS Office hours are:

After 8pm (or 4:30 pm), equipment can be returned to Security staff on the ground floor.

Staff take full responsibility for the loaned equipment against damage, loss, theft or by not returning it in a timely manner.

ITTS provide the following IT equipment for loan to staff:

Quantity Model Description
8 Dell Laptop
50 Rode Wireless lapel microphone
14 Targus Wireless presenter
9 Chat 150 Desktop speaker / microphone
5 Unite 50 Web camera PTZ Wide Angle
1 Unite 150 Web Camera PTZ
10 Epson Large document camera / visualiser
2 Epson Small document camera / visualiser
4 Wacom Mobile touch screen withi digital pen
4 Sony Voice recorder
5 Promage Camera tripod