UOWD Life & Disability Insurance

UOWD Life & Disability Insurance

All employees employed on a Fixed-term Full-time Contract and Fixed-term Part-time Contract, who are actively at work, are eligible to the Group Life & Disability Insurance throughout the duration of their employment with the University. For clarification, you can refer to your Employment Contract to confirm your eligibility.

Life Insurance

Scope of Coverage 24 hours, worldwide, on or off duty
Principal Sum 24 months basic salary for each life
Payable to The Policy holder
When it is payable? In the event of death (natural or accidental) of Life Assured
Geographical Limit All members are located within UAE, and holding valid Employment/Residence Visa/ID.
  1. Offshore/diving and other special risks are excluded
  2. Passive War Risk / Passive Terrorism as an innocent bystander is covered for death benefit; however, Passive War is excluded In Iraq, Afghanistan, and any other country where war or war like operation takes place. It is also excluded for any member who travels to any country where war has been declared or war like operations takes place and remains there for more than 28 days following the outbreak.

Permanent Partial Disability Rider

You can click here to download more information on your Permanent Partial Disability Rider with Oman Insurance, including: