Message from the CASPD head

Welcome to the Centre for Academic Staff Professional Development (CASPD). This Centre will provide a range of innovative and long-term initiatives and services to promote and facilitate best practices in teaching and learning at UOWD.

These initiatives and services include:

In addition, CASPD will have responsibility for running the University Learning and Teaching (ULT) modules. Unit 1, which all new academics are required to take, will consist of a series of workshops designed and delivered by higher education experts from the region. Unit 2 will comprise peer observation, feedback and self improvement initiatives to make the enhancement of teaching a continuous process.

For more information or assistance with CASPD activities please feel free to contact me at [email protected] or Maryam Sadeghi [email protected] in the CASPD office (Room 2-17, Bl.15)

Dr. Payyazhi Jayashree
Head, Centre for Academic Staff Professional Development

Individual Consultations

UOWD academic staff members can schedule individual consultations with the CASPD Co-ordinators about all aspects of their teaching, including subject development, assessment, teaching and learning strategies, evaluation and feedback, and use of e-Learning technologies.

Faculty Development ongoing workshops

Faculty Development courses and programs

E-Learning Technologies


WebCT Vista is the Learning Management System (LMS) used at UOWD. WebCT facilitates online learning to complement face-to-face interaction in the classroom. It offers a variety of tools for staff to provide student resources such as lecture materials, quizzes, readings, etc. as well as other information such as grades and announcements. Students are also able to interact online by using the electronic bulletin board to post messages, and the chat facility to conduct discussions in real time. Other e-Learning Technologies such as eduStream, TurnItIn and e-Readings can also be linked directly into WebCT making it a single access point for students.


eduStream is a system developed at the University of Wollongong in Australia that provides students with access to recorded lectures, as well as other learning materials. UOWD students are able to access audio recordings of lectures held in Wollongong (in addition to viewing the corresponding lecture notes) online and at any time. eduStream is available for most UOWD subjects. Staff who wish to use eduStream must make prior arrangements with the eduStream co-ordinator.


TurnItIn is a text-matching system available to UOWD staff which assists in detecting and preventing plagiarism. TurnItIn is an online system which can be integrated into WebCT for easier access. The use of TurnItIn is compulsory in all UOWD subjects for all written assignments (with the exception of tests and exams).

Electronic Readings

The Electronic Readings (e-Readings) service is available through the UOWD Library. The service allows staff to provide students with electronic versions of assigned readings, instead of photocopied handouts. The use of e-Readings also ensures compliance with copyright legislation. Staff who wish to use this service should contact the Library Manager.




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